Root Canal

What is Root Canal Treatment?
Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment is a procedure carried out to disinfect and replace the internal tissues of an infected or injured tooth.

Root canal basically involves removal of infected nerve (pulp) from inside the tooth, followed by cleaning and shaping of the canals in the tooth. The procedure is completed by filling up these canals with an inert material(Gutta Percha).This is followed by placing a protective cover (crown) on the treated tooth.

When does one need a Root Canal Treatment?
A Root Canal treatment is required when there is extensive decay( caries) in a tooth, which has progresses to reach the nerve of the tooth. If left untreated such a tooth gets severely infected and patient can experience pain and swelling.

Why go for Root canal treatment?
Rct helps restore and preserve the tooth for a long period of time. The Rc treated tooth can be successfully used for chewing / biting. It allows for maintaining an aligned bite. Basically it will function and serve like any other natural tooth.

Is rct painful ?
With the advanced anesthesia techniques practiced at TDL, pain associated with rct is merely a thing of the past.

How many sittings does Rct take?
Rct can be done in single sitting though sometimes it may require multiple visits.