General Dentistry

Dental crowns /bridges
Dental Crowns Bridges
A dental crown is done when a tooth is treated with a rct or when it is severly damaged or decayed. Dental Bridges are a option to replace multiple missing teeth in cases where implants are a good option. A bridge takes support of two teeth on adjacent sides of the missing space.

Oral prophylaxis
A regular visit for scaling and prophylaxis every 3 months is what we advice for maintaining a healthy oral hygiene.

Tooth coloured fillings( Composite Restorations)
Composite Restorations
This is a safe and attractive option for restoring your decayed teeth. These restorations are made to match exactly with the colour of your natural teeth thus making the result a very aesthetically pleasing one.
Also these restorations are mercury free and so they rule out any health risk posed by metal amalgam(silver) fillings which contain mercury.

For teeth that have very poor prognosis due to increased infection there would be no choice but to extract it. We at The Dental Lounge believe in Pamper.Protect.Preserve hence this would not be a treatment option but a last resort.

Complete dentures/Partial dentures
Complete Dentures/Partial Dentures
In compromised cases where Dental implants wont be the treatment of choice full mouth / partially missing teeth can be replaced using acrylic Dentures.Dentures have improved over the years making them look even more natural and providing more comfort . These are processed in a Dental Lab using high end technology giving you a naturally looking teeth set to restore back your confidence along with your smile.